4 Reasons Documentation is the Key to Your Success

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Here at IT Glue™, we firmly believe that the journey to documentation excellence begins with a single step… a great documentation tool!

With a great tool there comes great power; however, to fully unleash this power it takes commitment and a drive for excellence. Real success using any tool starts by understanding why its use is so important. Therefore, understanding why documentation is so important to your business success will help you get the most out of a documentation tool like IT Glue.

Here are 4 reasons why documentation is key to your business success:

1. Employees no longer need to be mind-readers

If you want someone to do something the most efficient way possible, then the best thing to do is write it down. By documenting the exact process by which you want something done, you ensure efficiency, consistency, and peace of mind for those involved. Everyone in the organization will be working in the same way towards the same outcome. This is beneficial for your customers who receive a constant service experience and for your bottom line, as there isn’t variation in how things are done.

2. Training time and cost are reduced

No longer do new team members have to learn about your organization via osmosis. Through great documentation, a new hire is able to quickly learn about your internal processes and your customer environments. Less time is taken up trying to get them up to speed on how things are done because it is all there for them to see, and important information is easily accessible rather than stored in the repository of someone’s mind.

If you want to see the costs of bringing on new staff and why it is so important that your organization focus on this, see our previous post.

3. You make more money 

This is because time is money. As we touched on in our previous post, the faster and more consistently you can do things, the more you can do. Likewise documentation of important information means less time is wasted trying to locate it.

Documentation provides you with a great opportunity to develop better strategy and account management, hence the opportunity to up-sell and manage your existing client base.

4. Documentation demonstrates that you are a professional organization

It shows your customers and prospective customers that you are dedicated and committed in your role as gatekeeper of their mission-critical business information.

It shows your staff that you are committed to providing them with the best tools to assist them in doing their job in an efficient way.

It shows to potential buyers of your business that you are a business that has created a tangible asset to buy. They know what they are buying, and it eases the transition process if they do.

Documentation can play a pivotal role in ensuring your businesses success. Great communication is and will always be at the heart of any business. Great documentation just takes that communication and puts it in an manageable framework that everyone can access for success.

 That’s why at IT Glue We ♥ Documentation!

IT Glue is a documentation platform aimed at IT professionals. Information is imported from PSA, RMM and other tools into IT Glue, where it is organized for ease of access. Document both hardware and software using automated processes to reduce the time it takes to onboard new clients. LucidChart and Word integrations help you document processes and documents as well. With relationship mapping and a robust search, your team will reduce the amount of time they waste looking for information by 50% or more.