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Introducing MyGlue

MyGlue is here! MSPs around the globe have been knocking at our door for months in anticipation of this game-changing solution. We are thrilled to introduce MyGlue, the simple, smart and secure platform for securing your clients' digital footprints and helping them organize information. 


MSP Value Chain: The Customer Lifecycle

Acquiring, onboarding, and (in some cases) offboarding customers may not be everyday processes, but they can chew up a lot of your resources, significantly impacting your bottom line. How does documentation software add value to these activities?


MSP Value Chain: The Ticket

It can be hard to convey to people who haven’t seen IT Glue just how much it helps your business. Those who have IT Glue understand, but for those who don’t have IT Glue yet, we’ve put together a series to illustrate the different touch points IT Glue’s many features have on your daily workflow.


Archiving and Retention Policy

It’s always nice to start with a clean slate, especially where documentation is concerned. But after building your documentation library for several years, you will have documentation that is out-of-date, redundant or otherwise in need of cleaning. So it’s important to have a strategy for archiving documents. This strategy will help you keep your documentation library clean, allowing you to scale sustainably for five, ten, twenty years or more without clutter. What’s your retention policy?