Using Quick Search

Quick Search is now the default search in IT Glue. This change was made because of the speed and efficiency that Quick Search brings to the search function in the platform. In order to tap into this speed and efficiency, however, some familiarity with how Quick Search works is required.


Why Checklists?

How much documentation does your team manage? If you have a mid to high documentation maturity level, and are truly leveraging the power of documentation within your MSP, then the answer is probably a lot. So why use our latest feature, Checklists? Because there is too much information for you to efficiently manage without using it.


Feature Release: Pulseway PSA 2-Way Sync

Calling all Pulseway PSA users! We have awesome news for you; Pulseway PSA now has full functionality in IT Glue. Following our integration with Pulseway RMM last November, alongside our 1-way sync with Pulseway PSA in January, we’re happy to announce that we now have 2-way sync turned on with Pulseway PSA.


The Stickiness of MyGlue

You sell your clients on value, but there's a lot to be said for creating stickiness as well. MyGlue is the safest, stickiest password vault around - find out how MyGlue helps you reduce churn and increase revenues.


Q2 Product Recap

Our second quarter has come to an end, but what an awesome quarter we had! Not only has our Development team been hard at work with a variety of feature releases and integrations, but we want to thank so many of our partners for their feature suggestions.


MSP Sales: Mastering Pre-Sales

Sales. If there is one little word that can instill a sense of dread in most people, that’s it. But unless you’re planning on taking your churn to zero percent, you’re going to need to do a little selling every now and then. So you need to understand how sales works. We can help. The first step, not surprisingly, is pre-sales.


How to Hire Your MSP’s First Salesperson

Finding sales talent can be difficult, and sometimes you may not even have the resources in place to seek that talent. Whatever your reason may be, we’re here to tell you how you can hire a salesperson with the resources you have available, and train them for success.

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