Logic TCG


Yohan Ruparatne worked in the IT field for nearly 20 years before starting his MSP, Logic TCG. As the Director of IT for the largest community college district in the country, he came to realize that many SMBs lacked the thought leadership in technology to scale and grow their businesses.

“I started Logic TCG with the goal of addressing the daily IT needs of the SMB market but at the same time providing strategic leadership and strategy to help them make the most of their technology investments.”

Logic TCG

Company: Logic TCG
Location: Torrance, CA
founded: 2016
Employees: 9

“We embraced the change because we knew without it we would continue to spend way too much time looking for information.”

The Problem

Logic TCG is an example of a modern MSP, building their business from scratch with the latest technology and best practices. “We’re still a very young company and we’re figuring a lot of things out,” Yohan notes. “What sold us on IT Glue was the amount of inefficiency we were experiencing as a result of not having the standardized set of documents that we need to quickly support our clients.”

The Solution

By implementing IT Glue early in the company’s history, Logic TCG has been able to engage its techs quickly. “We embraced the change because we knew without it we would continue to spend way too much time looking for information.”

Yohan’s team leveraged the gamification feature as an adoption tool. “We made a game of it. Whoever has the least amount of points by the set date has to take the team out to lunch.”

The Results

Logic TCG is one of the new breed of MSPs that has emerged in the past couple of years, leveraging standardization, lean management and a focus on efficiency to increase profits and position for growth. “It’s only been a year, but I’m loving the journey and the process. It’s been the most rewarding part of my career so far…”


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