Documentation Resources

IT Glue is committed to your success. To help you get the most out of our documentation platform, we have a number of resources at your disposal. Our IT Glue Express video series provides advice on specific documentation topics, while our e-books and webinars tackle higher-level topics to help you improve efficiency and increase revenues.


The IDaaS Evolution E-Book

Once the provider has set up IDaaS, it’s much easier for the end-user than existing systems of authentication. It’s also aligned with two major trends right now - user autonomy and the sharp increase in SaaS applications in recent years. It’s more secure and easier to use than most other approaches to authentication.


Operational Efficiency: 5 Quick Wins

Operational efficiency in an MSP is how capable the business is of delivering their managed service and/or products in the most cost-effective manner. Cost-effectiveness should not, however, overshadow the level of service provided.


The Biggest Levers Webinar, Part 2

Download our webinar with Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership and Chris Day, CEO of IT Glue, for the concrete step-by-step actions you can take in your service operation to reduce the cost and time needed to serve every single ticket.


The Biggest Levers Webinar, Part 1

Top performing MSPs are using “big levers” to reduce labor costs while delivering an excellent customer experience to drive growth. Let industry veterans teach you best practices and insights you can apply immediately.