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 MyGlue is the solution you've been waiting for to secure your clients’ digital footprints.
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Did you know? More than 30% of employees keep track of passwords by writing them on Post-it Notes and more than 60% of all data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords. 

Say goodbye to password reset tickets and empower your clients to easily and securely manage their passwords and processes across multiple devices.

Discover what MyGlue can do for you.

Empower clients
Clients increase their efficiency by reducing the time it takes to write, remember, and reset passwords. Imagine - no more password reset tickets!
Sync with IT Glue
You have the passwords stored in IT Glue already. Now your clients can access the passwords without any additional setup.
Become a trusted security advisor
Establish yourself as a trusted advisor by offering MyGlue, best practices training, and your security suite. Deepen your business relationship.
Mitigate cyberattacks
Avoid hackers exploiting sloppy, dangerous passwords habits by providing a trusted, secure, and reliable password management tool.

How it works

1. Sell MyGlue seats as part of your bundle

We've priced MyGlue to allow you maximum flexibility in terms of packaging and pricing. Structure your offering however works best.

2. Easy deployment

MyGlue is designed to deploy quickly and easily. Your clients will need little training, and you'll be able to sync passwords directly from IT Glue. They'll be experiencing productivity gains almost immediately. 

3. Training resources

The same resources IT Glue offers - SOPs for structuring process documentation and using LucidChart and Word importation are available to MyGlue users. Your clients can self-serve their own training.

Your clients will love MyGlue

1. Exponential Efficiency Gains

MyGlue gives your clients a secure, easy-to-use platform for storing, accessing and updating passwords and processes so that they have immediate access to the most up-to-date information for logging into whatever platform, website, tool or device they need to do their job.

2. Airtight Security

Rest easy, knowing that MyGlue resides on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's most secure cloud hosting platform, with SSL data encryption, SOC 2 compliance, and ongoing auditing.

3. Process Optimization

Offer your clients a simple way to adopt consistent processes for increasing productivity. They can store and set user permissions for standard operating procedures (SOPs) that align with their company's needs.

Our ongoing MyGlue webinars are designed to fast track you in learning about MyGlue and deploying it to your clients.

Become a trusted security advisor today!

MyGlue Deep Dive Webinar

Learn more about MyGlue by joining us for a 30-min Deep Dive webinar on important product, packaging and pricing information.

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MyGlue Getting Started Webinar

After activating MyGlue, join us for a 30-min Getting Started 
webinar on how to deploy MyGlue to your clients.
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